Saturday, April 21, 2007

cookie cutter mouth

I took some lovely photographs specifically for posting here but, alas, I have forgotten my card reader.

I am home again for a check up after my implant surgery last week. It went most swimmingly as the doctor said I could have the temporary crown immediately after I have my brackets removed (the second week of May). This seem like a lot of todo about one tooth - one that was pulled for no better reason than its status as a babytooth - it wasn't infected or twisted or otherwise compromised- it was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now I have a titanium post implanted in my upper jaw and I am throughoutly excited about have my braces off and a new temporary crown followed by a permanent crown on that tooth and the one next over as well. I fret, though, that my teeth will become too straight and boring - like everyone else's - as if in a suburban subdivision of orthodontic clones.

Meijer has been a great place to work so far. I feel as though I am drowning in work and then more is poured on non-chalantly by various other departments but I like it. I love to tackle big demanding projects. My buyer tells me she is more than pleased with my vision and taste level so I am confident in the work I am doing. I have a large cubical - much to large for just me (they obviously are unaquainted with my ability to occupy, in full, any (and every available) space) - so a new product development assistant started Monday at her desk adjacent to mine. She is quite sweet - but I love my space- so to make up for it the tech guy delivered and setup TWO large (i mean HUGE) flat screen monitors and a tablet/stylis mouse getup for me. I am delighted and completely spoiled already. Thank you, all, for buying all those delicious meijer groceries - so that I can have an awesome workstation.

I don't, however, have cable tv (or even rabbit ears), a radio (thanks sharkwash... no, a newspaper, or this delightful information vehicle called the internet (I can check my email at work but that is IT people...). SO I did not even know there was a horrific school shooting until Thursday (yes, the day before last) and I thought it was only two people dead until last night when Franta informed me otherwise. I am hopelessly disconnected for a while - please don't feel neglected - I probably just don't know your phone number. I will try to update weekly when I am home.

(btw, comments posted here are sent to my email so I will be able to read them.)
Until next week... (or so)


ephinzat said...

Hello my sister!! poor thing, can't even hear about the outside world!!... at least your car has a radio.. i thought you had that one that we got eons ago from Christmas?? maybe i'll have to buy you one yeah?

Megan said...

I do have one in my car but it only plays CDs. The antenna ripped off at the sharkwash some time ago... someday, I will have the internet...