Sunday, February 17, 2008

One of Seven (circa 1969)

Valentines Day 

It’s one of those strange holidays that I never seem prepared for. I think it’s because I dislike its clichéness, how it exudes fakeness. Impromptu expressions of love are unexpected therefore full of whimsy and excitement. How could Valentine’s Day ever be as beautiful as that? Simply, for me it can’t. But since we are on the topic, I have some news to share.

I had been anticipating the 24th of November with excitement and anxiety. Dan and Emily’s wedding promised to bring together friends from all over… friends including Jake. I was (apprehensive, curious) about seeing him. Curious and nervous about how the evening would transpire.

Inevitably, as time does constantly move forward, the day came. The wedding was a beautiful expression of love, reaching the tiptop of classiness. Most everyone was there to share in it… He was there. I was there. Finally, we had a chance to talk.
It was like coming up for air after being underwater… for a year. He was witty, handsome and casual. We clicked as if we were never apart for the time we had been. That moment was one of the scariest, most anticipated and happiest I have ever had in my entire life.

We conversed intermittently throughout the evening. We ate. We danced (which is amazing because in our previous lives neither of us were inclined to do so!). The evening became legendary: THE Saturday.

Neither of us expected the night to happen as it had. It was the best possible outcome. It was such an amazing, unexpected occurrence that neither of us thought it possible – even while it was happening. So in a matter of one day, I had gone from a low time in my life to the happiest I’ve ever been and my joy is only gaining. I’m excited for everyday and the next and the future in general.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Blizzard

Mr. Murphy, the purveyor of bad timing, bad luck and bad headaches... is it him? Or possibly those mythical fairies - the Scandinavian ones all full of mischief? Are they responsible for what I like to call "solution presented after action taken" phenomenon?  This is that thing that happens when you are in grade school - your homework goes mysteriously missing until it is too late to turn in - then it is right where is should be in the homework folder. This is when you can't find that receipt until you've already reluctantly accepted store credit. This is when you can't find your car keys when you are running late. Or in the case of the last month, When you can't get a hold of customer service for weeks until you start Credit Card Dispute paperwork. (You might say this hardly qualifies - Maybe the paperwork made them realize I mean business - but no, the paperwork had not been completed yet). What is it that makes this happen? Are people blinded by stress when put on the spot? Does this happen to you? Theories?