Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tree / Thanks!

Today is tree day. December decorative tree day. After some reflection on neighbors and the importance of neighborhoodiness in the city, Jake and I decided to keep it local with our tree. We bought it from the nice (but terribly smokey) flower shop next door and then decorated it. I love it. On with the story...

Thanksgiving in Michigan!

Thanksgiving is the BIG holiday for both my family and Jakes family. In a way it is nice that both families live only one hour apart but then it makes visiting them (all in one day, no less) somewhat... stressssssfuuulll.

Jake and my families are very similar and different. They are both really huge but his family is more like a sailboat and my family is more like a tricked out (the homemade way) cigarette boat. Both boats... just very different boats. After our uneventful flight there, we had brunch with my paternal side. This was a giant affair of around 50 people. Brunch is served buffet style and you access the feast by wading through a dense, pushy line. The company is pretty boisterous and usually wild but this year it was more subdued due to the fact that me and all my cousins (there are 8) are getting all teens or older. New this year, I was evangelized by my aunt's boyfriend's son's wife's mother. Totally awkward. Then we left.

On to Jake's maternal affair. Every other year they host a "Last Reunion" thanksgiving. Someday it will actually probably be the last one but that day isn't looking too soon. Jake's little nephew, Luke (10mos.) stole the show with his little waddley walk and "I'm the cutest baby on earth, who are you?" face. Dinner was delicious. Then we left. The "M"-word count for the day - 3.  Not half bad. 

Friday, My mother, sister and I bought my sister's wedding invitations. Yay for her! Followed by a little shopping escapade. That night, Jake and I headed out to Bittersweet for some well deserved shredding (two thanksgivings to burn off). The slopes were snowy and the beer was cheap. Jake is doing a magnificent job learning to ride his new board and we are looking forward to big poconos mountains.

Saturday was dinner with my mom's parents. Pretty standard affair and Sunday we flew home. 

Here is the real story in all this. As we are driving to GR airport, baseball-sized snowflakes are pouring down like an open overturned cereal box after no snow all week. Naturally our flight was delayed. We made it into DTW in time for our connection, but only by a hair. Well, lo and behold, that flight was delayed 3 hours. So we eventually get into Philly Intn'l around 1am. Do you know what's running at that time? Well it's not the train home.  We break unto the luggage carousel to a massive throng of people waiting for the taxi queue. We are talking hundreds of people waiting for taxis and do you know how many taxis were there waiting at that fine hour? ZERO. Thats right. Not a one to be seen. Also, no ATMs so if you eventually get a taxi and have no cash (like me) your taxi drive will f r e a k out.  So, in light of these circumstances we decided to catch the bus to Budget rentals. The gentleman there informs us that it will be over $100 to rent FOR ONE NIGHT. Ridiculous. It's 2am. Jake takes a chance and calls a taxi service to see if they will pick us up. Fully expecting to be told to head to the Taxi corral, we are surprised to find a taxi is headed our way and will meet us in 5 minutes. SCORE! or so we thought! It is raining cats and dogs, we are exhausted, then the taxi driver starts driving the wrong way, then he gets lost in south philly. We are on 76 headed in the wrong direction, driver is driving it like he stole it. It's wet out. Well, he decides to get off the highway so we veer sharply to the right, into the exit lane and the exit lane turns and we don't. We go flying over the edge of the exit ramp across the grassy knoll and onto the oncoming ramp. oh   my   god.  Unbelievable. It's 2:30am, I am exhausted. Jake is exhausted. He guides are flustered driver to our place, we get out unscathed and proceed directly to bed at 3am. 

Happy Thanksgiving! and good riddance!

Friday, December 05, 2008


Many things have happened since last I posted (5 months ago?) and I will write about (or make generally references about) them in no certain order. Today = Book Review!

So, we are at the airport early on Wednesday, Nov. 2? on our way back to Michigan for Thanksgiving. Me, ne'er the prepared, did not pack a book so I had to make due with a tiny little book booth and the only book I could tolerate was TWILIGHT.


NOTE: this is not a positive review and full of spoilers. Just skip to the Weird side effects section.

So here's a little background before I get started.

I used to love vampires. No, not the halloween, dracula vampires. I loved sexy, forlorn, eternal-living, lonely-souls-with-a-secret-burning-desire-for-that-one-special-girl vampires.

So obviously this book is about vampires and love. I could feel 16 year old Megan reading the book along with me and having an entirely different opinion of it, which is a new sensation for me - experiencing Twenties Megan and Teens Megan simultaneously. I wonder if I will have more instances of this self-understanding in the future.

Book Summary: 17 year old Girl (Bella) moves from Phoenix, NV to Forks, Washington to move in with her father. She meets an astonishingly handsome and talented boy (Edward) and falls madly inlove with him. SURPRISE! Edward is a vampire. They have a rough start in their courting but by the end of the book they are practically one: Belladward. The end.

So here is my problem: Bella moves to this town alone and is a rather strong-minded, able-bodied girl. Then she meets Edward. Her relationship with him is really more of an all-encompassing obsession. She becomes seemingly completely incapacitated when he leaves her EVEN FOR THE NIGHT (this leads to him hanging around all night while she sleeps and he doesn't because he's a vampire). The message seems to be: Find your soulmate, put up with his ridiculous and inconvenient qualities, devote every waking second to pleasing him, surrender all your ambitions, desires and thoughts - voila! happiness. Honestly?? What kind of message is that?

Weird side effects: I can't stop thinking about this book. Yes, thats right, I really didn't like it but that 16 year old Megan I was talking about earlier, well she DID like it. Kinda alot. So, I read synopses of the other three books in the series and all related Wiki articles to appease Teen Megan's curiosity so that Twenties Megan didn't have to read them all. I think I managed to skip the two middle books but might have to read that last one.

It's a weird sensation, like I said before, being asked to do something by your younger self and you don't really want to but feel kinda obligated.