Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Smell of Fall

My busy life is finally starting to relax some. Today I had largely to myself, which I needed desperately but took grudgingly. I haven't wanted to be alone in my house much lately - probably because I feel like there is still so much it needs to make it my "home" and not just a place I crash and I can't make the comfort improvements needed. Yet, today I yearned for roommates, or atleast the kind of social interaction that doesn't required invitation and logistical issues.

I lost my camera in August so no photos for a while. I might scour (new over-used word in my lexicon) the intraweb to look for pretty pictures and ideas, whatnot, but just so you know, that's why no fun Megan photography for a while.

I love the Fall, the smell of the leaves, the warm air with a little cool undertone, Cidermills, Halloween, Pumpkin Pie, Apple-glazed Cornish Hens, the sound of leaves crackle and crunching underfoot.

Last night, we went to the Art Battle. The concept: Artists are supplied one 4'x4' piece of plywood and they have to make the best Art on it possible in three hours. It was inside this old building and packed with indi-kids. Byob. Probably the most fun ever at an art show. Actually, I would say definitely - not probably. The winner was Makin' it Rain. I hope Gabe can buy it.

I've been thinking of painting lately- seriously enough to have acquired stretcher bars, Gesso and Fabric to paint on - and collected inspiration. Now I just have to collect some ambition and will to stay home to do it. We'll see if that happens.

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Emily said...

that art show sounds like so much fun! I miss the Michigan fall, but the weather here seems to be in a constant state fall, so I can't complain! xoxo