Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Blizzard

Mr. Murphy, the purveyor of bad timing, bad luck and bad headaches... is it him? Or possibly those mythical fairies - the Scandinavian ones all full of mischief? Are they responsible for what I like to call "solution presented after action taken" phenomenon?  This is that thing that happens when you are in grade school - your homework goes mysteriously missing until it is too late to turn in - then it is right where is should be in the homework folder. This is when you can't find that receipt until you've already reluctantly accepted store credit. This is when you can't find your car keys when you are running late. Or in the case of the last month, When you can't get a hold of customer service for weeks until you start Credit Card Dispute paperwork. (You might say this hardly qualifies - Maybe the paperwork made them realize I mean business - but no, the paperwork had not been completed yet). What is it that makes this happen? Are people blinded by stress when put on the spot? Does this happen to you? Theories?



KimGold said...

And what the hell IS that thing on that trashcan? Sooo creepy!

Megan said...

Yeah, That is a coconut crab. I didn't take that picture by the way... I just thought it was incredible.