Friday, December 05, 2008


Many things have happened since last I posted (5 months ago?) and I will write about (or make generally references about) them in no certain order. Today = Book Review!

So, we are at the airport early on Wednesday, Nov. 2? on our way back to Michigan for Thanksgiving. Me, ne'er the prepared, did not pack a book so I had to make due with a tiny little book booth and the only book I could tolerate was TWILIGHT.


NOTE: this is not a positive review and full of spoilers. Just skip to the Weird side effects section.

So here's a little background before I get started.

I used to love vampires. No, not the halloween, dracula vampires. I loved sexy, forlorn, eternal-living, lonely-souls-with-a-secret-burning-desire-for-that-one-special-girl vampires.

So obviously this book is about vampires and love. I could feel 16 year old Megan reading the book along with me and having an entirely different opinion of it, which is a new sensation for me - experiencing Twenties Megan and Teens Megan simultaneously. I wonder if I will have more instances of this self-understanding in the future.

Book Summary: 17 year old Girl (Bella) moves from Phoenix, NV to Forks, Washington to move in with her father. She meets an astonishingly handsome and talented boy (Edward) and falls madly inlove with him. SURPRISE! Edward is a vampire. They have a rough start in their courting but by the end of the book they are practically one: Belladward. The end.

So here is my problem: Bella moves to this town alone and is a rather strong-minded, able-bodied girl. Then she meets Edward. Her relationship with him is really more of an all-encompassing obsession. She becomes seemingly completely incapacitated when he leaves her EVEN FOR THE NIGHT (this leads to him hanging around all night while she sleeps and he doesn't because he's a vampire). The message seems to be: Find your soulmate, put up with his ridiculous and inconvenient qualities, devote every waking second to pleasing him, surrender all your ambitions, desires and thoughts - voila! happiness. Honestly?? What kind of message is that?

Weird side effects: I can't stop thinking about this book. Yes, thats right, I really didn't like it but that 16 year old Megan I was talking about earlier, well she DID like it. Kinda alot. So, I read synopses of the other three books in the series and all related Wiki articles to appease Teen Megan's curiosity so that Twenties Megan didn't have to read them all. I think I managed to skip the two middle books but might have to read that last one.

It's a weird sensation, like I said before, being asked to do something by your younger self and you don't really want to but feel kinda obligated.

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