Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Big Move Begins... Slowly.

Moving requires boxes. Many, many boxes. Or if you are Jacob and myself, many, many, MANY boxes. When I moved to Philly nearly two years ago, I packed most of my belongings into plastic storage containers instead of boxes. I figured that we would move again right away and the containers hold up much better than any cardboard box would. As it turned out, we didn't move BUT what did happen is this - basement flood -EEKK! Plastic container win!

In an effort to make our cross country move a smooth, planned event AND make storage of our stuff at the new place better, I started looking to get more plastic bins. As it turns out, storage containers like those I bought before have now DOUBLED in price. Ouch! Being the cheapy I am, I looked on thinking perhaps I could cobbled together a mismatched collection of bins. What I found was a fantastic trash-pick score! Apparently, the gentleman's company has some unnamed product delivered to them in these huge, sturdy plastic totes. THEN, the company throws them away. into the trash. hundreds of them. Being the opportunist he is, he plucks them from their doom and sells them for $4 a pop. AMAZING. Now we have plenty for our move AND we are recycling. Hurray!

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