Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Better than last week, for sure!

In May, Erin M. and I went garagesale-ing in the Winchell neighborhood. The merchandise was of the expected caliber and we toddled along at a merry pace. Then, from under a heap of crocheted pot holders and kissing dutch figurines, shined a glimmer of metallic band. It read "KitchenAid". (double-take) wha???? KitchenAid? Like in the best mixer ever KitchenAid? I scuttle to look for the price (thinking somewhat disappointedly "probably $100- 150")... The ragged torn masking tape read $10.00... WHAT?! Is it broken?! The tending woman said no and asked if I wanted it to which I replied "um.. Definitely!" She proceeded to pull out the original box with all attachments, complimentary cookbook, warrenty information and pamphets about ordering my very own personalized engraved mixing bowl. I handed her a fresh ten and marched (well struggled really, they are quite heavy!) triumphantly and disbelief-bourne to my car with the best Garage sale purchase ever in the history of Garages.
The End.

Well, not quite... The first thing I made with the mixer was salmon loaf (Delicious). However, the mixer is so proficient that instead of just mixing the ingredients, it pureed my Salmon and everyone at work thought I was eating catfood.

I visited my new doctor today. It was a pretty standard lets-get-to-know-eachother visit. He seems quite competent and asked me questions I couldn't answer (knowing more about my medical "characteristics" than I do is quite a feat, indeed.) and one that I inadvertently lied to answer (oops, he'll find the answer soon enough anyway I guess, not that it matters.) Then, as celestial retribution for said lie, he ordered a blood draw, right there on the spot. I hate blood draws. All's well in the end as I left with my B12 shot (aka liquid awesomeness) and peace of mind. Thank you Health Insurance, you are the best.

Any movie rental suggestions? Anyone?

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