Thursday, March 15, 2007

March Hair

March Hair

My static state has yet to change (as that IS it's inherent nature). I am still waiting to hear back about the position I am interested it. The prospect of living outside of my parents home excites me with every baby step taken toward new employment.

In other news, after longing for it desperately, I am permmed. To all you neigh-sayers - I love it. I love curly hair. alot. and as a result, my spirits are instantly lifted the second I finger through the bouncy coils springing from my own head. Thank you, Mother.

In other other news, Duncan has cancer. It's not terribly serious, fortunately - we just have to be diligent about having future incidences removed promptly. He is confused about why he can't wear his collar (which he loves) but we can't possible explain to him that it's because he has twenty surgical staples embedded in his neck.

I had something about the weather typed here but I just can't talk about it anymore. It seems like all I ever talk about is the weather... I think it results from my eagerness to escape from my currently monotonous days into some new duties and environments. I am packing up everything, including my conversational topics, in the hopes for the change to come faster. I also think I am having a harder time inviting people to be more personal with me. I am building walls against my better judgement. Let's hang out soon and I can practice being a better friend to you.

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