Saturday, March 24, 2007


The position was offered and I accepted. Gladly. Mostly, I am excited about living like a real adult. Having an apartment, a salary, furniture, self-sufficiency. Thursday and Friday, I spent all day looking at apartments that ran the gamut of unforgettablility - as in ugly to immaculate. None were the one, unfortunately, but two were acceptable. I am so so eager to move. The wait is heavy and long but I can see the end. I have two more hopefully places to view on Monday Morning so I will have a place to live for sure by Monday Evening.

In the same April theme, "Moving", I move into my cubicle on Monday, April 2nd and begin my career in fashion. This is really the perfect place for right now; it is out of Kzoo but close enough to not have to totally redo my life (find new doctors, new friends, new state tax systems...). My mouth is almost complete but there is still work to be done and I would like to have that out of the way before I move out of Michigan.

Note: Do not eat a bag of movie theater popcorn, a box of dots, a Mr. Pibb soda, a slice of Martini's Pizza and mozzarella tomato antipasto within a two hour span. ever. (This is nearly as awful as vinegar and chocolate together.)

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mcentellas said...

Congratulations on the new job! I'll try to check in more often to hear about it. Are you still in Kzoo? I'll be in town (w/ Kate) on Saturday, April 7.