Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Please hold for sustainability...

waiting for sustainability...

So my laptop had a minor issue last August. I took it to be repaired. Seven months have drifted by... not that slowly, really. Not having a computer makes one feel quite out of the modern age. So anyway, - my laptop is still broken- the minor problem is now an unappoachably expensive problem and I am tired of waiting around for it to be fixed so I can return to my pre-computer-depraved normalcy. Time for a new blog.

I received my tax return and bought myself a dressfrom! YAY! I have wanted a dress form badly for a long time but they are incredibly expensive. Erin pointed me to a company, Studio Rox, who sells them for reasonable prices (along with lots of other exciting equipment and mannequins). Also, with my tax return, I am fixing my car (it has a bad noise emanating from the front right tire... scary) and flying to Los Angeles.

Aside from the dressform arrival, Thursday will be extraordinarily busy. Duncan is going in for surgery in an attempt to save his hearing, neck and leg from tumors. He has been pretty sick lately. He developed lots of small black spots and is loosing his hair. I hope he comes out alright and that he does not become a monster of basic need from anesthesia as I did. I have an for-real-this-is-serious-life-happening interview (the outcome of which I will post later).

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